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What are the conditions for doing international trade

How to do foreign trade? There are many people asking about this topic, so I will take time to chat with everyone today. On a more systematic and professional level, you need to do the following:
In response to your question above, you need to beckon from many aspects, the following is just for reference:
1. If you have professional foreign trade personnel, that is, export sales personnel, if you don't have one, you can recruit experienced foreign trade personnel. Those who have worked for 5 years or more are considered as experienced, provided that they are in the same industry. If a foreign trade clerk makes hardware this year, toys next year, clothing the next year, electrical appliances, and food the next year, then such foreign trade personnel cannot be counted as experienced. The recruited person should mainly evaluate his foreign trade professional ability and business skills. If you really can’t find such a talent, even if you spend money, you can’t find it, or you are unwilling to spend a lot of money to recruit an experienced person, then your foreign trade will basically not be able to do it unless you find a professional foreign trade training institution. To learn. This is the last way.
2. You need to have a little English foundation, at least for daily use, you have to be able to speak, write and recognize, level 3 English.
3. You have to be very familiar with the product. Foreign trade sales are not price-oriented, customer demand, market and product-oriented. Many inexperienced foreign trade business personnel talk to customers about prices every day, but they all negate the customer, and as a result, there are no orders for what they do. It shows that there is a problem with their thinking about the problem, that is, they can't be price-oriented, and they should talk about foreign trade business with products and markets, and with customers as the center. So what do you think about the material, cost structure, production process, function, use, scope of application, life span, market prospects, industry conditions, competitors, industry customer names, types, delivery dates, characteristics, selling points, parameters, and structure of the product , Software, hardware, process, production equipment, production process, packaging, warranty, quality assurance and other aspects must be very familiar, otherwise, you are not a foreign trade staff who understands products very well.
4. You have to know professional foreign trade skills. For example, professional foreign trade procedures, how to guide customers, foreign trade professional documents, contracts, what is shipping advice, what is agreement, what is Ocean B/L, what is House B/L, what is Master B/L, what is Air way B/L, what is FTA, what is bill of exchange, etc. You have to know international trade terms, what are incoterms. You have to know international payment methods, what is a letter of credit, what is WU, what is DP, DA, OA, and how to use it. What factoring etc. Don't know what to do? This is a very professional competence category. If you can't find it, you can't ask, it's ambiguous to find it immediately. It's not systematic, so there is only one way, you still have to learn. You can’t find a 100% answer here, or you can do it after you see the answer. There is no way. Because foreign trade is too professional.
5. You must understand the foreign trade market. Different markets require different products, different requirements, different certifications, different prices, different grades, different voltages, different electrical parameters, and different styles. Different preferences, different environments. In the final analysis, different countries have different economies and different people, so their needs are different.
6. You must understand the marketing methods of foreign trade, such as using B2B, or B2C, or search engine, or SEM, SEO, BIG DATA, or EXPO, or other methods, but it must be based on your own products, different The way of marketing is different, otherwise you will be totally different. Otherwise, you will not be able to do foreign trade.
7. Understand the overall operation of foreign trade companies. How to set up a foreign trade company, handle import and export rights, receive payment accounts, foreign exchange settlement, and tax refunds. How to use small funds to attract large customers. Supply chain development and control, product planning, and market planning, employment, salary system, incentive measures, team building, etc.
8. You must know how to control the risks of international trade. Don't make an order. You lose more than you earn.

In short, international trade is a very professional, comprehensive and systematic foreign trade business. If you are bold, you need to be careful, you need to be professional, and you need to study hard. wish you have a good business. 


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