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How to use gasoline generator

1. Check whether the box cover is tightly covered to prevent fire caused by leakage and contact with high temperature parts during driving.
2. When checking the oil level, it must be ensured that the oil level is on the low scale line, from the low scale to 2/3 of the high scale. The high tick mark cannot be exceeded.
3. Check the oil level of the fuel tank to ensure that the equipment uses oil normally, so as to avoid sudden power failure when there is no oil during use.
4. Connect the plug.
5. Turn off the breaker and turn on the generator switch.
6. Turn off the choke switch of the gasoline engine. This is because the pulling force at the time of starting can be reduced, and it is easy to start.
7. Turn on the gasoline engine fuel supply switch.
8. Support the generator guard plate with your left hand. After standing firmly, pull the start handle quickly with one force to start the generator.
9. After the generator starts, slowly open the choke until it becomes larger. During this time, it may vibrate at a critical speed. At this time, by passing the choke valve quickly through this stage, resonance is prevented, which can damage the equipment.
10. Run the device for 2 minutes and observe whether the output voltage changes during the period. Open the circuit breaker after normal to supply power to the device.

11. After use, turn off the circuit breaker, unplug it, turn off the throttle, and make it disappear automatically. In this way, the remaining gasoline in the carburetor can be used up, and after the gasoline has been stored for a long time, it will deteriorate and block the carburetor inlet, and then prevent the equipment from cooling back.


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