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  • International trade transportation is the transportation between countries and between countries and regions. Compared with domestic cargo transportation, it has the following main characteristics:


  • Container logistics transportation is excellent in the modern logistics transportation industry, whether it is logistics transportation efficiency or logistics transportation methods.


  • Logistics refers to the overall planning, implementation and management of raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products or related information through transportation, storage, and distribution in order to meet the needs of customers at the lowest cost.


  • A:After we interviewed about 200 foreign companies on challenges they encounter while trying to do business in china, we observed that they share similar challenges, which is inadequate resources to source for manufacturing factories in china, hereby striking business deals with chinese distributors with the thought that they are dealing with manufacturing factories, and this often affects the price factor.Chinese distributors obviously affix their profit to the manufacturers price and this tends to increase in production cost. Amongst other visions,Sunny trading was formed basically for the purpose of making legal purchase for foreign compaines with intentions of making purchase from china.

  • A:We are pleased to inform you that our Sunny trading service does not end with making purchase but extends to provision of space for good storage before shipment, we provide good warehousing service for our client, we give them the time to confirm the product quantity and quality before shipment.

  • A:Sunny trading was formed basically to serve foreign bodies with intentions of doing business in china, of course Yes! we can make all sort of legal purchase, pursuant to customers description and samples provided.

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